Architectureclinic stands for the idea that architecture practice is not about the design of perfect and untouchable works of art. It is about the fulfillment of dreams and the solution of problems. It is about searching the best answer to a very specific question. And this is usually a complex search, involving several variables and specialists.

We try to create these answers in a simple and beautiful way.


We feed on dreams. We believe that people are entitled to accomplish their dreams and we find people’s dreams to be, for us, far more inspiring than architecture books.

Everything starts with a wish-list, so that we can understand our clients’ expectations and desires, for which particular uses and for whom is each space destined, what are the stories behind each request. We also visit together the place of intervention, in order to understand their relation with that place or with that building. And when it feels proper, we make ourselves invited to their homes in order to understand their ways of living. There are always strong hidden wishes for that are only discovered at this time. The process follows with work sessions with the clients, with everyone designing together.

We have discovered that the usual design and building practice is often too violent on people, who are unable to feel part of the process, moreover when we are designing their home, or redesigning an old house they have known for ever, or they have felt in love with. We want our clients to be part of the creation process, to have pleasure with it.

We want them to know and to inhabit the building long before it has been finished.


After decades of growth, we have enough urbanized and built space. 

Decades and centuries of building, adding and transforming, have accumulated lots of material, lots of substance and lots of meanings. The main objective is not to lose it all. We try to be subtle enough, so that we do not destroy the substance and the atmosphere that is already there, and for which we are fascinated. So, each new project is the search for a specific way to relate with the existing spaces and materials, respecting them, playing with them.

Every space has a story. It is just a question of taking advantage of what others have made for us, and making it better.


[Translation in progress.]