Porto, 2012

Ágata and Cândida felt in love with a mysterious backyard that found within a block of the historic center of Porto. A patio of generous size that is developed in diferent platforms in an effort to keep up with the sharp relief of “Invicta”. In a passionate way, they bought the small house with the correspondent backyard. A house with three floors of 3.5 x12m where we should create two lofts and an art gallery.
We cleanded the inside of the building from all the compartments, seeking the maximum amplitude and light as possible. On one side of the apartment, a single piece of furniture contains the home elevator, the kitchen, a couch, one closet, and a shower compartment. On the other side of the apartment, one curtain hides the sanitary and allows different ways of dividing and closing the space. Everything opens to the backyard. The backyard function as the element linking all spaces, ther platforms allows connection to the different floors of the house.

Client: Cândida e Ágata
Coordination: SWark
Architecture: CdA 
(Nuno Travasso+João Silva+Margarida Leitão+Sofia Granjo)
Engineering: NCREP | GEPECTrofa
Contractor: CS Construtora